An Adventure in U-turns

Cleaning, shopping, packing, exhausting

A long list of “to-dos”.  A busy week.  Not able to sleep.

The countdown began two weeks ago.                                                                            Before I left for our 20 state tour,004 I wanted to make sure our house was appropriately decorated for Fall. Every year I decorate both the inside and outside of our house for every season and just because we are going away for most of this fall, it doesn’t mean our house can’t be festive.  So last week I put away summer and brought out autumn.  I put out enough outdoor decor to welcome the coming season.  I am sorry I won’t be here to put out our Halloween decorations.  (Unless Christy wants to . . . ?)007After fall was set, I started working around the yard and in the house.  The yard came first.  Since we are returning toward the end of October, I thought it would be wise and best if I began my yard winterizing early by trimming back my perennials and pulling out my annuals.  For the most part, the yard is ready; however, I will have more trimming to do when we get home.

001But this early morning after hearing noises outside, I began wondering if I should trim back the Russian sage, too, as heavy rain or possibly snow collapses the tall growth.  I thought it would be easier to trim them now rather than later when they could be flattened out.  And then I was wide awake. (Oh, how I love waking up to think about my plants . . .)

And speaking of waking early, yesterday I was wide awake around 4 a.m.  I laid in bed thinking of all the things I had to do.  I gave up and got up and started my day.  And this morning?  How about 3:30 a.m.  I woke to hearing the stone landscaping in the front yard being tread upon probably by a deer.  I laid there thinking it is more than likely eating my nine bark bush and then I thought, it is probably eating what flowers I have left at the front entry way – and they’re still pretty.  So I got up to chase it away.  3:30 a.m.!  Oh, well, I just stayed up.

Yes, I have lists.  I made one list last week and accomplished it for the most part.  I didn’t get my car cleaned, though.  And I have my list for this week.  I wanted to get our house in order and cleaned so that I can come back to an in order and clean house.  And of course, there is shopping for meals for our trip; got that done and most of the food packed yesterday.  And shopping for other sundry items . . .

Today is thee day – the last day.  The to-do list is frantic.  We will go to church this morning and in returning home, the pace picks up.

The laundry is already in the washer.  After church, I will finish with the food packing and start on the dogs.  Fortunately, they don’t have clothes to pack, but I need to remember all of their stuff.  I took them to the vet last week for a check up, all is well, and was given Frontline for the fleas and mosquitoes they will encounter in the mid-west and east coast and heartworm medicine.  Clint, Dr. Sandy’s husband, made up a medical kit for the dogs, too.  So I have those items to get into the camper as well as other dog comforts.

(Returning to last week, we all had our hair cut, including the dogs.  We are spiffy looking representatives from Montana.)

After I get the remainder of the food packed away, I will clean the camper so Dale can load it onto the truck later this afternoon.  But before he loads it, I want to pack our clothing so that means – I have to figure out what to take.  Dale just pretty much grabs stuff but I stand in my bedroom thinking about all of the places we’ll visit and want to pack accordingly.  This can take time.

Since our trip starts in the north and ends in the south back to the north, we will have to pack a little of every climate clothing.  I think for the most part, the temperatures throughout the states will be moderate, hopefully (comfortably) in the 70’s.  But since we are traveling during hurricane season, we have to remember to pack rain wear just in case.  And in the off chance, if the weather cools down, we need to pack our jeans, long sleeve shirts and warm outer “wraps”, as Dale likes to call them.  Ah, so much to remember!!!!

But not only clothing, all the toiletry items.  We have our medications and supplements, hair stuff, make-up, general stuff . . . this takes thought, too, because you don’t want to forget anything, particularly a prescription.

For the last two weeks I have been throwing the more003         inconspicuous toiletries into a bin on the bathroom floor. This way, as I remember an inconspicuous (I like that word) item, I put it in the bin right away.  I am also using the same system in our bedroom for inconspicuous and forgettable odd stuff to pack, ie. a daypack, a pillow, a small travel purse, etc.

And then, what about remembering all of our electronic toys?  We have our laptops, ipad, smart phones, camera and whatever else.  That means we can’t forget to pack all of the power source cords and extensions for each tech piece.  (My mind is overflowing. .)  And don’t forget actual paper reading material, too!  Crazy.

002Once my responsibility with cleaning and packing is done and Dale takes over, I will complete the yard (should I trim the Russian sage?), finish the house, make dinner and make a list of instructions for Christy to follow while we are gone.  (My house plants are plentiful and she needs to love them as I do.)  And finally, go to bed to probably wake at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning.

I’m already exhausted just typing this . . .



Indeed, the deer munched

Indeed, the deer munched

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One thought on “Cleaning, shopping, packing, exhausting

  1. estellebeer on said:

    You are one AMAZING women!!! Have a great trip and RELAX!!!!!

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