An Adventure in U-turns

Day 1- Hwy 2 north to Great Falls

camp1We were on the road by 9 a.m.  However, with last minute errands, we didn’t leave the Kalispell area until 1 1/2 hours later.

Our travel north took us through the outskirts of Glacier National Park.  The day was beautiful as a steady wind blew all signs of smoke out of the sky and with an approaching storm in the Kalispell area, the sky north of Glacier National Park had white, puffy clouds zipping along in the sky.


Traveling north along the Flathead river

Once we drove through Browning, we were on the other side of the Rocky Mountain range and the land turned into rolling hills as we traveled through the Blackfeet reservation.  And beyond the reservation, the land leveled out into the plains of Montana.

The eastern side of the Rocky Mt. range

The eastern side of the Rocky Mt. range

The eastern plains of Montana

The eastern plains of Montana

Our day’s travel was mostly unremarkable except for one thing, Dale let the fuel tank get too low and he was a bit stressed about this.  But with my new app, AAA, I was able to tell him how far the next diesel fuel stop was, where it was and how much the fuel cost.  I was pretty impressed with this app.

Speaking of apps, as we drive along I will share with you what apps we are using.  I don’t know if I can explain how they work but I can rate how good, fair or bad they are.   Triple A gets an A+ from me!

After doing some shopping in Great Falls, Sheels Sporting Goods store was my first priority, and other small errands, we decided to camp in Great Falls at the KOA.  We had been there before and liked the private campsites and how quiet it was at night.  Again, KOA lived up to our memory.

So that is our first day of our adventure in u-turns.  Today was truly unplanned because we thought we may go as far as Havre but decided to bed down for the night in Great Falls.

Day 2 awaits.  We will drive along the Highline and our unplanned destination is Ft.Peck.

An unremarkable day, indeed.

An unremarkable day, indeed.

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