An Adventure in U-turns

Day 2 – the Highline = kind of boring

Sorry for bombarding you with not 1 or 2 but 3 postings today.  I am trying to find my groove in when to post.  I posted this morning and it completely threw off our day.  We left too late, thus tonight we are experiencing one of our first unplanned stops, Malta.

The hay harvest on the Highline

The hay harvest on the Highline

I love Montana.  I love everything about Montana but my friends warned me that the Highline is long and boring.  And, so it is.

We planned on an approximate four to five hour drive, and it was, but our late start really threw us off.  So . . . we learned something.  We must leave at a reasonable time in order actually tour our way across the country.

We felt pressed for time so that we ended up driving by a few of the museums we wanted to stop at and tour.  We thought we would be in Ft. Peck tonight but because we are tired (yes, driving can be tiring even though we are sitting on our butts all day) so after we stopped to visit the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta and talking with the docent, we decided to find a camping spot in Malta.

That we have; we are camping at the Edge Water Inn and RV Park.  It has a good Wifi and showers, water and electricity.  However, tonight will be interesting as the train trestle is less than a football field away . . . (We will be running all of our loud fans to create kind of a white noise.)

008While at the Dinosaur museum and talking with the very friendly and informative woman, our camping trip truly became unplanned.  We had “planned” on driving to Ft. Peck tomorrow and then on to the Black Hills, SD, the next day.  However, after looking at a map of the state of Montana and discussing with the friendly docent the two far eastern side state parks, Makoshika and Medicine Rocks, our interest in visiting them is prodded!  (Boy, did the docent have enthusiasm for these parks and the far southeastern corner of Montana!)

So – tomorrow we will go to Ft. Peck and tour the Interpretive Museum and the dam, camp overnight and then travel onward to Makoshika State Park.  I must be flexible because this is what this trip is all about!  Sometimes I feel this adventure could turn out to be six months long rather than six weeks long!

So join us tomorrow as we journey on to Ft. Peck and the tourist sites.  In just two days, this has really become a trip of an unplanned camping trip across the US!

Dale looking for information on the southeastern corner of Montana

Dale looking for information on the southeastern corner of Montana

My pile of information gathering

My pile of information gathering. And I LOVE my AAA app!


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