An Adventure in U-turns

Day 7 – Early a.m. wine tasting and the Badlands

So, as promised, my story about wine tasting at 10:15 a.m.

The day before at Rafter J Bar Ranch campground, I noticed in the lobby on display was a bottle of rhubarb wine called Tickle Me.  I love rhubarb so immediately I was curious about this wine and how it tasted.  Before we left this morning, I asked Dale to buy me a bottle.

We left the campground at 9:45 and on the outskirts of Hill City, Dale noticed a billboard advertising another label of rhubarb wine and the tasting room is open seven days a week at 10 a.m.  So after driving past, we made a u-turn to pull in.







016Well, I bellied up to the wine tasting bar and was told by a server I could taste five wines of my choice.  Really, all I wanted was to taste the rhubarb wine, and by golly, they had two different types of rhubarb wine, a red and a white.  So I tasted both.  I thought the white was nice with a little effervescence to the palate and a little sweet, similar to Sauvignon blanc that I enjoy, but the red one was way too sweet for me.  So I bought a bottle of Uncle Ralph’s Rhubarb wine.  However, I reasoned, if I should buy this wine made right here in South Dakota then I should purchase a wine glass from Prairie Berry Winery.  Well, if I have wine later this afternoon then Dale and I should enjoy some buffalo sausage also made in the state of South Dakota.

After our tour through the Badlands, we came back to our camping site for poo-poos and a rhubarb wine comparison test; the Tickle Me vs.  Uncle Ralph’s.  Uncle Ralph’s won hands down. Even my non-alcoholic husband chose Uncle Ralph’s.  As I prepared our poo-poo platter and the apples for the girls, Madaline and Gennie, I noticed the cost of the buffalo sausage, a whopping $20.00!  Oh well, Dale said, it is from South Dakota and we are on vacation and the sausage is actually quite good.


So, today we toured the Badlands.  It was hot, the mid-90’s.  The Badlands are really quite spectacular in their uniqueness.  When I think of Glacier Nat’l Park and compared to the Badlands Nat’l Park, they are as different as night and day but oh, so beautiful!  We hopped in and out of the air-conditioned truck for one photo after another.  Finally, we had enough hopping and turned around and drove back to Wall.


We haven’t toured Wall yet, probably tomorrow.  It’s time to bed down for the night . . .

P.S.  While typing my blog, Dale said to hurry up because we wanted to eat out at the Wall Drugs Cafe and he didn’t know what time it closed.  It was 5:30 and I said, “Oh, they probably don’t close until 9.”  Well, they close at 6 and we had to go over to a lounge for dinner.  I think Micky D’s would have tasted better . . .

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