An Adventure in U-turns

Day 10 & 11 – antiquing and Leech Lake, Minnesota

What I dread happening nearly happened yesterday.

Day 10

As we were driving away from Country Campground in the Detroit Lakes area, I noticed my GREAT nemesis was beginning to nag me – my dee dang rib between my shoulder blades was beginning to plague me and I knew if I didn’t find a chiropractor to put the rib back in place, I was in for a world of hurt and our trip could possibly be postponed as I heal.  If I don’t find treatment, a muscle begins to spasm and the pain is the most unbearable pain I have ever experienced.  I never know when this will happen and I don’t know what provokes the onset.

I did the number one first no-no, I kept the burning, growing more painful area to myself, I didn’t tell my husband, Dale.  But as we were just about to drive out of Detroit Lakes, a still small voice said look for a chiropractor.

We passed one, I stayed quiet, and then we passed another and I thought I should tell Dale about my rib and muscle because it is now or never.  I did and we u-turned (an unpleasant u-turn, mind you) and I went into the chiro’s office.

He was out of town but the receptionist gave me a name of another chiro the doctor recommended in his absence so we drove to the other doc’s office; I was able to get in.  And, yes indeed, my rib was out as well as much of my back and hips.  I am so thankful we stopped at the chiro’s office rather than having to later find an ER because my pain has taken me to ER before.

We as traveled along, today was our day for antique stores.  I collect hand mirrors, using them to decorate the powder room in our house.  So as we motored along, we came to a small town called Akeley and there were two little antique stores.  One had a sign on the door, “Be back in 10” but we didn’t know if that meant 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 months . . .  So we went to the other store, Abgail’s Attic.


Interestingly enough, we were completely alone in the store, the staff was absolutely no where to be found.  My first impression was, how trusting.  The store was loaded with stuff, more glassware and old bottles that I have ever seen in one small store!

Finally, the owner popped up from down in the basement.  I didn’t find any hand mirrors so I asked her if she had any, and she did.  So I have my first collectible from our adventuring in u-turns.


After stopping, we continued north until we came to our destination, Leech Lake, Federal Dam, MN – and we were not disappointed!

The campground is a Corp of Army Engineers campground.  It is spacious and wooded.  The lake is beyond the toolies so we can not actually see the lake. Many of our fellow campers are here to fish and this appears to be a fisherman’s haven.

The trees here in north central Minnesota are beginning to turn color.  It is absolutely beautiful!  My camera doesn’t even begin to capture the leaves glowing in the sunlight!  We have seen bright reds, glowing oranges and warm yellows so far.  We agree, the further north we go, we will probably see more of autumn’s glorious show.









Day 11








We woke to a wonderfully warm, but not hot day.  After breakfast, we decided to give our bikes a go-around.  There are trails around the area and when I googled for information I noticed that these trails are used for ATVing and snowmobiling.  These two past times seem to be big here in Minnesota and I can understand why,  this state is wide and open and beautiful.  Knowing how cold and snowy Minnesota can become in the winter, it seems the Minnesotans get out and recreate and I say good for them!







The closest trail to our campground was a gravel trail.   Dale didn’t feel comfortable pulling the dog trailer behind him (ok, roll your eyes and say, “oh, geesh.”) so after a few 100 yards on the gravel trail, we turned around and rode around the little community of Federal Dam.  It is charming as the old dwelling places, whether houses or barns, exist next to the newer and updated dwelling places. It gave me a real feel for this area, I can imagine that in it’s earlier years Federal Dam housed little family cottages for weekend and holiday fishing.















022Tomorrow we leave for a new state, Michigan.  We will be camping on another lake, Lake Gogebic State Park and we hope to stay there over the weekend, leaving on Monday morning.

Happy trails!

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2 thoughts on “Day 10 & 11 – antiquing and Leech Lake, Minnesota

  1. The "other" Cindy on said:

    My sister has a cabin at Detroit Lakes….nice little town.

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