An Adventure in U-turns

#Who’s traveling on this trip of no plans and u-turns?

001Well, of course, it’s Dale and Cyndi Heath and their two “girls”, Madaline and Genevieve, Genny for short.  Madaline and Genny are miniature schnauzers.

Dale worked for the California Highway Patrol for 28 years and retired.  I worked as a part-time secretary for an elementary school.  After Dales’ retirement, we moved to Montana in July 2007.

We’ve been married for nearly 34 years.  We have three adult children, Chad, Christy and Carrie; Carrie is newly wed to Brandon so I think we can say we have four kids now.

I grew up camping.  When I was young our first camper was a Crazy Daze with an ice block chilled refrigerator and comfortably (?) slept five of us – of course, my brothers and I were small kids.  We camped our way east to Illinois and Wisconsin to visit my grandparents.  Being the young one that I was, this was truly an amazing camping adventure.

Later, in my high school years, my folks bought another camper in which we did a lot of weekend camping to El Mirage dry lake outside of Adelanto, CA.  Mom would pack our camper every other weekend and we would make about a 1 1/2 hour trip to the high desert to go landsailing Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.  These are great memories and the friends we made back then remain our friends today.  We also took this camper to the east coast, destination Florida, then drove north to New Hampshire and back west to California through Illinois.  We made wonderful family memories – Dad, Mom, Scott, John and me and our dog, Smiley.

Dale’s family didn’t camp like we did but they had (and still have) a family cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains in a very small community, Green Valley Lake.  His grandpa, dad and uncles built the little log cabin a during and after WWII, the guesstimate date is around 1941.  The Heath family has enjoyed that little cabin in the mountains for many, many years.  Dale remembers spending weeks at a time during the summer exploring the back roads around the town and camp ground up the street and climbing the huge boulders just past the campground.  The Heath family hosted many families and kids throughout the many years.

This camping trip that we are about to embark on is a trip a long time coming.  Come along and join us on this unplanned adventure in u-turns!


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